EBT NOW | Apply to be a SNAP Retailer

EBT NOW is goEBT’s program that is designed to raise awareness for SNAP and encourages merchants to apply to become SNAP retailers. The goal is to fight hunger here and now, making becoming a SNAP retailer a win for your community and a win for your store.

goEBT’s EBT NOW program provides…

SNAP application resources

The SNAP retailer application process can be tedious and time-consuming for busy merchants. goEBT’s EBT NOW consultants help make the process a little easier. This program offers free resources that help retailers get started on their SNAP application. EBT NOW makes EBT a SNAP…

  1. Apply with FNS
  2. Get started with EBT cash benefits
  3. Start accepting SNAP

Learn more at www.goebt.com/BTLEBTNOW

Free EBT resources

If you want to learn more on your own about becoming a SNAP retailer, goEBT offers a variety of free EBT resources. First, take the SNAP retailer quiz to see if you qualify to become a SNAP retailer. Then, you can check out the stocking requirements for accepting EBT in your store. Finally, you can view the step-by-step guide to EBT to learn how you can complete the SNAP retailer application on your own. Already a SNAP retailer? Learn about the FNS reauthorization process that happens every five years.

goEBT + Your Business

goEBT is a leader in the government payment space, trusted by 27,000 merchants nationwide

If you would like to see if unlimited, flat-rate EBT processing would be a better fit for your business, please reach out to Cindy Stewart at cindystewart@goebt.com. Be sure to mention you are a member of the Below the Line Club.

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