Implementing Self-Checkout

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Whether it’s a redesign of an existing store or a new ground up design, one of the most common requests we get when designing a store is to incorporate self-checkout. Most store owners think it’s as easy as replacing your current checkout technology with a new system, but it’s not. There are so many factors involved when looking to implement self- checkout. Queuing, sight lines, placement of impulse items, lotto and age restricted products are impacted as a result. The primary factor, though, needs to be your customer and how self-checkout impacts their experience.

One thing is certain, self-checkout is here to stay. In fact, a 2021 study found that 80% of shoppers prefer a non-traditional checkout. Among those, 66% said self-checkout experiences were the ones they were most interested in. A different study from earlier in 2022 pointed out that 71% of consumers are not impressed with innovations implemented by retailers today. When asked about technologies that improve the retail experience, customers chose self-checkout as the most valuable tool, followed by interactive kiosks and lockers.

If you’re a store owner that’s considering self-checkout, let’s talk! This is a huge investment so let’s strategically design your store for maximum results. Our strategy starts with staying true to who you are and what your brand promise is. Be mindful of demographics and understand who your customers are. Talk to your customers and ask if self-checkout would improve their experience. Ask your employees as well. In most cases (if designed correctly), self-checkout creates operational efficiencies. The industry will continue to evolve around the checkout process. It’s important to give your customers options that will not only enhance their experience but will keep you relevant and competitive at the same time.

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