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At ahatis, we are experienced and recognized business leaders with a new vision for how a software & consulting firm should operate. Our goal is to help businesses drive profitability by providing new technology solutions that will save them time, money and stress. We have a team of keen minds accomplished in their respective fields who aim to help you reach further. You are in safe hands with us.

Sell Thru Analytics (STA) is a solution for companies to understand the flow of their products throughout the supply chain network. This software allows you to generate specific actions to solve relevant business opportunities. It provides optimal visibility as well as industry-specific knowledge and business mindset so that your team can accelerate implementation with existing Enterprise-wide Systems.

Our approach

Sell Thru Analytics (STA) addresses the three pillars of your distributor partnership: Time, Cost, and Capability. It helps you understand how long it takes to do business with each distributor, how much it costs to work with them, and where they excel in market coverage and operational capabilities.


Our analytics platform can improve your data quality and speed up the time it takes to complete a business-wide data transformation. By analyzing your source data, we can help you reduce or eliminate duplications, clean up messy or incomplete records, and structured all of the disparate data so that it is easy to retrieve and use. Our output is a common schema that allows you to leverage your existing databases and systems, allowing them to play together like never before without additional cost or complexity. Our Sell Thru Analytics software analyzes data and shows you actionable insights such as: what do you need to buy? What are you out of? What haven’t you shipped/sold? Is your inventory turning? What are your most important items? and much more.

Streamline and leverage data flow

Sell Thru Analytics is a modern technology platform that lets you leverage big data from multiple sources, normalize it, and push it into the Thru platform where data analysis can be initiated. It gives you the flexibility to embark on new paths of analysis by highly automating the creation of analytics pipelines. This allows for quick onboarding of new data sources and for easy access to prebuilt analytics workflows.


We deep-dive your business, uncovering the unique insights that matter most to moving your strategy forward. Our analytics solution automatically generates actionable hypotheses so that you can leverage complete and up-to-date data in your daily operations. Stop searching out valuable information, know it all automatically with real-time analytics.

Company Description

Sell Thru Analytics was created to help businesses gain the competitive advantages that come from having the entire market view. It allows organizations to monitor and optimize their inventory, sales and marketing programs. Collectively, this gives distributors a leg up over competitors while empowering manufacturers toward better business results.

Sell Thru Analytics (STA) is a powerful, yet easy-to-use software that helps organizations improve the effectiveness of their sales force, and maximize the value of the products and services they offer. With normalized data processes, both organizations work from a common understanding – allowing closer collaboration and improved decision-making.

Using STA, our retailers will be able to focus on their customers, improve their sales results, and run more profitable businesses. With over 100 years of combined manufacturing and distribution expertise built into this software—and a team that stands behind it—STA generates data that’s clear enough for any executive in your company to see the results needed to make smart decisions today.

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Dan Jones