From Tank Monitoring to Tank Happiness



Can tanks be happy? Literally, no. But there is happiness when customers trust the process of a supplier to maintain product levels in their tanks. It is a culmination of a petroleum marketer’s hard work, good communication, and complementary technology that leads to customer satisfaction.

Many customers, without much oversight or intervention, have keep-full agreements to always maintain product levels. To the customer, it just works. To the marketer, there are lots of moving parts in the entire process: tank monitoring, order creation, scheduling, dispatch, and delivery.

Oftentimes, those parts of the process are performed by different teams using different tools. Automating as much as possible certainly helps, but the key is to have each part of the process communicating with each other. Employing collaborative technology is essential.

RowLogic offers an integrated solution that provides data-sharing so that there is no wasted time connecting those points of commonality. The smooth transmission of information keeps your customers’ tanks full with the least amount of operational friction. Tank level data is calculated and communicated throughout the system, whereby the order is automatically created in your back-office software. That order flows into DeliveryWorks, where your dispatch and delivery team fulfills the order for the customer. There are lots of moving parts, but all communicating with one another, so that the effort is optimized, your team is informed, and customers remain satisfied.

Tank monitoring is the beginning. Tank happiness is where it ends. DeliveryWorks is in the middle of it all.

DeliveryWorks is a dispatch and delivery web app with a mobile app companion developed by RowLogic. For more information, visit us at or contact John Montelepre at

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