C-store Insider: Self-Checkout Implementation and Card Processing Industry Secrets



Picture this: you dash into a store to buy a pack of gum and bottled water. At checkout you have two options – a long line for the only cashier or a self-checkout station that allows you to scan your items and pay in less than a minute. No-brainer, right? Self-checkout is not just a trend; it is here to stay and becoming expected by customers. And with all that automation comes increased credit card transactions and fees, which makes it vital to implement the card processing platform that minimizes those fees. Thankfully, there are experts to help your c-store thrive with self-checkout implementation strategies and credit card processing cost-savings.

Join Mike Lawshe (President) & Austin Burns (Business Development) at Paragon Solutions, along with KC Cook, Founder & President of PIX, as they discuss ways to improve your c-store customer experience and bottom line through self-checkout and card processing industry secrets.

This webinar includes:

Paragon: Implementing Self-Checkout: Getting It Right  

  1. How technology can affect your design approach for both NTI and remodels
  2. Best practices for incorporating self-checkout into your stores, both physically and operationally
  3. Pulling everything together and building a brand that resonates with your clientele

PIX: Save Thousands with These Three Card Processing Industry Secrets

  1. Questions your processor really doesn’t want you to ask
  2. Fuel brands with the most competitive fees (and which ones are making huge profits)
  3. E-commerce tips for commercial fuels & home heating oil

This complimentary webinar, co-sponsored by Study Groups and Below the Line Club, is designed for C-store Owners, Presidents, CFOs, Managers, and anyone interested in c-store business operations. Jed Brewer moderates the call, which lasts approximately one hour.