Case Study: A Fleet Transformed from Chaos to a Well-Oiled Machine with Consolidation and Automation from One Strategic Partnership Move


  • The fleet was facing a number of challenges, including a lack of customer support, warranty issues, glitching, data failures, 3G sunset devices, and overall general partnership failure.
  • The company was using multiple systems to create driver workflows, resulting in gaps in operations, additional workloads, and opportunities for system failures. Their operation could be described as cumbersome and multifarious.
  • With over 450 trucks and 1,200 trailers, the company needed a comprehensive and consolidated system to increase efficiency and visibility, but most importantly, they needed a reliable partner that would be there every step of the way.


  • The company engaged the expertise of Tivitri, experts in connected technology solutions for strategic operational excellence with large to mid-sized fleets.
  • The company needed to test and invest in a single solution for a consolidated operation to capture, interpret, and utilize data for strategic decision-making in an instant. The solution needed to include McLeod integration capability.


  • After a comprehensive consultation to determine the scope and needs of the fleet, Tivitri began analyzing and comparing solutions from their best-in-class Ultimately, the best solution for the fleet was Samsara, allowing for the consolidation the fleet desired. They provided free trial hardware with a simple plug-and-play installation, making disruption to operations minimal.
  • During the 90-day trial, the company was able to run both its current solution and Samsara simultaneously, allowing the data to speak for itself.
    — The company’s Director of IT, as required with such a conglomerate of systems, commented it was a “no-brainer” after working within the new platform.
  • Tivitri assisted the company with a streamlined transition and installation of new ELD/GPS devices, dual-facing cameras, and trailer tracking devices, all within a 3-month By coordinating the installation with a third party, Tivitri saved the company 50% in install fees. Tivitri also spearheaded the strategy for a simplified integration with McLeod, their TMS, as requested.
  • In addition to creating seamless workflows and driver dispatch improvements, Tivitri was instrumental in the company qualifying for insurance discounts, providing additional visibility with dash cameras.
  • Tivitri served as the lead partner and continues to serve as the relationship manager for the company, allowing for a single point of contact and reliable communication.

With a single strategic partnership move, the entire future of the fleet was transformed. When looking to change solutions, in any marketplace, the partnership should be priority when making your selection. Today, as in no other time, technical solutions offer value by increasing the interaction between business and technology. The ability to capture, interpret, and utilize data for strategic decision- making has never been more accessible.

Our passion and purpose is the ability to deliver consumable, concise technology solutions and road maps that achieve marketplace differentiation and competitive advantage for you and your company.

Eric Jacobson

Strategic Account Executive (801) 857-1656