Attracting A New Type Of Customer

Featured Image: Oak Grove Market, Prairieville, LA

I was recently at a conference that discussed current trends in retail and the findings are too good not to be shared. The number one goal for C-Store operators is to get consumers to your site. The recent survey conducted by Bluedot states that 62% of respondents said they would visit a convenience store more often if drive thru or curbside pickup was available. How about this one: 67% of consumers are willing to make separate stops at coffee chains and fast food restaurants. Lastly, when asked “How did you complete your delivery order from a C Store?” 48% responded with “using a third-party app”.

What can we learn from this information? First, C-Store customers are willing to interchange experiences with fast food but c-stores must deliver on convenience. Second, mobile ordering, drive-thru, and curbside pickup drive more c-store traffic. Finally, coffee chains have taken market share from fast food chains. C-Stores can do the same.

Drive-thru’s, mobile ordering and curbside pickup are all big investments, but the potential payoff could be huge. A drive-thru is a feature that could take your brand to the next level. Pair the drive-through with a quality, well branded coffee program and you’ve gained a whole new type of customer. That’s just the start though. If you have a drive-thru, why not have a fantastic proprietary food program that’s marketed through a new app featuring mobile ordering and curbside delivery? If it tastes good, is branded well, and is more convenient than going to the QSR, people will eat it up; literally and figuratively!

It all starts with a design and brand strategy. Not only do we need to know who your existing customers are but who are your potential customers? Together, we can explore the different ways you can provide true convenience and be a destination for all types of customers. It’s design done right, let’s get to work.


Austin Burns

Business Development

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