Case Study: Groendyke’s Best-In-Class Tanker and Hazmat Fleet Scores Over $500K In Savings Plus Unlimited Video Retrieval


  • The company was facing extreme delays in retrieving video footage from triggered events with their current solution. When a safety event would occur, the footage was sent to a third party for review and not accessible until 24 hours later.
  • The company was being billed for every event that was triggered over a set amount, even if the event was not a true safety event. This caused unnecessary additional fees.
  • With a fleet of close to 1,000 assets, the company could not afford to make the wrong choice on a new camera solution. The company needed the ability to a/b test multiple solutions for both dual-facing dash cameras and 360-degree exterior cameras, without breaking the bank.
  • The company needed an affordable installation partner in order to deploy the new solution once selected.
  • The company needed more driver safety insights into the root cause of triggered events in order to properly coach drivers and create a positive safety culture.


  • The company engaged the expertise of Tivitri, experts in connected technology solutions for strategic operational excellence with large to mid-sized fleets.
  • Tivitri’s multi-partner approach gave Groendyke a leveraged advantage for testing multiple solutions while maintaining a single point of contact throughout the purchasing journey.
  • Groendyke was able to bring on Tivitri as a Samsara preferred partner to assist with sourcing an affordable installation partner.


  • Tivitri was pivotal in Groendyke’s ability to secure an extended free trial with multiple camera solutions, including installation, at no cost to the company.
  • Samsara’s solution provided unlimited remote video retrieval within minutes with no additional or hidden fees.
  • The AI camera solutions sent real-time actionable data for driver safety events, such as the use of a cell phone, even when an event was not triggered. It also enabled in-cab coaching in real-time to correct behaviors before they became an issue.
  • Tivitri was able to source an installation partner which saved the company over $500,000 in install fees. The company currently has over 70% installed within the first quarter.
  • Convoy’s exterior camera solution paired with Samsara’s dash camera solution is expected to save the company even more by exonerating drivers roadside and retrieving losses not at fault.

With a single strategic partnership move, the entire future of the fleet was transformed. When looking to change solutions, in any marketplace, the partnership should be priority when making your selection. Today, as in no other time, technical solutions offer value by increasing the interaction between business and technology. The ability to capture, interpret, and utilize data for strategic decision- making has never been more accessible.

Our passion and purpose is delivering consumable, concise technology solutions and road maps that achieve marketplace differentiation and competitive advantage for you and your company.

Eric Jacobson

Strategic Account Executive (801) 857-1656