DFS Partnership: Retaining and Growing Truck Stop Market Share in Tough Times

The first quarter of 2023 has proven to be a difficult time for the trucking industry, with freight demand lower than usual. According to TruckingInfo.com, dry van volumes have dropped by 8.8%, while flatbed volumes have seen a decrease of 14.6% compared to the same period last year.

However, despite these challenges, truck stops can still attract new customers and grow their market share. One solution is partnering with DFS, a payments company that processes payments for truck stops at low rates and brings them new trucking business.

By teaming up with DFS, truck stops not only have the opportunity to attract new customers, but also to reduce their payment processing costs. This is particularly important during a period of low freight demand, where maintaining profitability is crucial.

Furthermore, partnering with DFS can be a big win for truck stops in the long run. By expanding their customer base and market share, they can emerge from the downturn even stronger.

In a time when many businesses are struggling, it’s worth taking a serious look at DFS. This partnership can help truck stops retain and grow their market share during the current challenging period.

DFS provides a win-win solution for truck stops. On the one hand, truck stops can benefit from low processing fees, reducing their operating costs and improving their bottom line. On the other hand, DFS also brings new customers to the table, helping truck stops increase their revenue and expand their customer base.

During a time when many trucking businesses are feeling the impact of low freight demand, partnering with DFS is an opportunity for truck stops to stay competitive and come out on top. As the market retracts, growing market share is a big win, and DFS can make it possible for truck stops to achieve this goal.

In conclusion, truck stops should consider partnering with DFS to retain and grow their market share during these challenging times. It’s a smart move that can provide long-term benefits, making it an attractive proposition for truck stop owners and operators.


Johnny Howard

Account Executive