Taming the paper chaos: how one company redefined operational efficiency with FleetPanda


In a world where most tasks have been digitized, it’s disheartening to find Petroleum distribution industry still relying heavily on pen and paper. The inefficiencies can translate to millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Since 1947, Texas-based Moffit Services has been a leading fuel and lubricants distributor. They operate in four distinct segments: fuel distribution, lubricants distribution, brokerage services, and disaster response.

As a brokerage service, they support customers who work in other parts of the country and prefer not to find new fuel vendors. They maintain relationships with over 70 fuel distributors nationwide, fulfilling orders through third parties. This is the hyper growth segment for their business.

Moffit Services had to contend with countless paper tickets, disparate systems, and outdated technology. The sheer magnitude of data to be managed was overwhelming.

Enter FleetPanda, a game-changing solution that catapulted Moffit Services into the digital age and helped it outpace the competition.

Here’s what FleetPanda is helping automate:

  • Streamlining operations through digital delivery tickets and dispatch functions
  • Elimination of manual reconciliation for increased efficiency and reduced errors
  • Seamless integration with existing accounting software and e-log devices
  • Real-time tank level monitoring for automated order creation for keep-full contracts
  • Automated dispatch process reducing constant monitoring
  • LCR meter integration for tracking down gallons delivered right to the drop
  • Enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction

FleetPanda’s platform excels over traditional methods, giving drivers real-time access to crucial information, optimizing purchasing strategy. This used to be manual and error-prone. It also automates billing cycles, streamlining operations and reducing errors.

In an industry where emergency response is crucial, FleetPanda’s user-friendly platform equipped Moffit Services with the necessary tools to handle such situations.

Embracing digital solutions, Moffit Services set itself apart from competitors and demonstrated that the petroleum industry is ripe for technological innovation.

Six reasons Moffit selected FleetPanda as their solution:

  • Comprehensive smartphone and cloud-based platform
  • No-risk trial period for testing the platform
  • Rapid implementation for immediate operational improvements
  • Adaptable product design allowing for tailored features
  • In-depth, hands-on product training, including extensive sessions, ride-alongs, and site visits
  • Seamless integration with existing accounting and back-of- fice systems

“We launched a 60+ truck operation in less than two weeks, which is unheard of in the industry. If you’re looking to conquer inefficiencies within your own organization, FleetPanda is the ally you need. Carl Kleimann, Owner/Partner at Moffit Services.

Visit FleetPanda.com or call +1-814-706-7831 today to discover how you can transform your business, outpace your competition, and harness the power of digital innovation.

Pavan Maheshwari



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