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Setting Your Expectations to 100% Will Increase Your Repeat Business

Achieving this, however, can feel like a steeply inclined road cluttered with seemingly insurmountable hurdles.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “Mistakes continue to be made, leaving customers unhappy and looking to our competitors.”
  • “We train every new hire, yet mistakes continue to be made.”
  • “Operating short-staffed has become the new normal.”

You are not alone. Business leaders around the world are facing the same challenges regarding processes and employee trainings. Hours are spent training new employees, reiterating the processes, and yet they haven’t seen as good of a return on their investments as they would like. They don’t know why all their hard work isn’t yielding them the results they would like to see.

One of the many key mistakes leaders make that reduces their potential repeat business is accepting less than 100%. It is generally true that your workforce will not exceed the standards that you accept. If you set your goal for 85%, that’s the best you will ever achieve. Therefore, it’s imperative to never settle for anything less. This paradigm shift is the first of several key practial applications taught in the Achieving World-Class Results class you can apply and can substantially increase your repeat business.


“You have to shift your focus from most to every.” – Kevin Santiago, Heriloom Restaurant Group and AWCR alumnus



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