Case Study: 3 Fuel Dispatch Stories of Change – How 3L Energy Solutions, Moffitt Services, and McNeece Brothers stepped into the future with FleetPanda


The fuel distribution industry, burdened by outdated and manual procedures, has been slowed down by inefficiencies. However, there’s good news. Progressive companies in this industry have discovered FleetPanda – an all-in-one fuel dispatch solution that has significantly improved their operations.

Let’s read 3 such stories:

Efficient Future: Moffitt Services Digitizes Operations for 4 business segments with FleetPanda

Moffitt Services, a family-owned fuel and lubricants distributor from Texas, has been operational since 1947. They work in four key areas: fuel distribution, lubricants distribution, brokerage services, and disaster response. Co-owner Carl Kleimann had a clear aim of serving markets with high demand where downtime is costly.

However, as their business expanded, so did the complexity and costs of inefficient, manual procedures. Unorganized communication between drivers and dispatchers, along with handwritten delivery tickets leading to billing mistakes and delays, became significant issues. They recognized the need for a tech-based solution to simplify their entire order-to-billing procedure, speed up deliveries and invoicing, and improve the customer experience.

That’s when they discovered FleetPanda – a solution that drastically changed their operations. The results were impressive.

“We were able to start a 60+ truck operation in a few weeks, something unheard of in our industry. If you’re looking to overcome inefficiencies in your organization, FleetPanda could be the answer,” Carl Kleimann, Owner/Partner at Moffitt Services.

Seamless Tomorrow: 3L’s Manifesto for Powering through a 3-distributor Merger and Scaling a 50-truck Operation

Spec Oil – an above-the-rack global commodity trading firm aiming to strengthen its fuel distribution arm – acquired three fuel distributors including 3L. Post-acquisition they merged the three companies to form 3L Energy Solutions, operating 50 trucks. But turning this venture into a profitable one was no piece of cake.

The manual processes, disjointed operations and cultural differences impacted efficiency and profitability. So, unifying operations became paramount. But existing legacy softwares in the industry lacked the capabilities 3L needed to truly unify operations.

Enter FleetPanda. With a single dispatch solution, 3L was able to bring its entire operations onto one platform.

The result? Operational efficiency skyrocketed, revenues doubled. Alex Salazar, VP of Operations at 3L Energy Solutions, attested to it – “FleetPanda has exactly what the industry needs. Its fully integrated system brought all aspects of operations under a single platform and helped us improve cash flow, profit margins, and customer experience, and made us more competitive.”

Tech Transformation: McNeece Bro’s Groundbreaking Attempt to Lead a Century-old Business into the Digital Age

Meet McNeece Bros – a fuel distributor with a century old legacy. They’ve come a long way since 1919, offering a broad product portfolio to different market segments. But their biggest hurdle wasn’t just running a century old business; it was transforming the business and its outdated processes to thrive in the fast-paced digital environment and stay competitive.

FleetPanda proved to be just the right partner McNeece needed to catapult its business into the digital age. In a record three days, McNeece was able to turn its operations completely paperless using FleetPanda’s dispatch software.

As a result, efficiency increased, costs were slashed, and tedious paperwork became a thing of the past. With intelligent data at their fingertips, McNeece made better data-driven strategic decisions for business growth.

Patrick McNeece, Partner at McNeece Bros testifies to this transformation – “The FleetPanda team has been a pleasure to work with. They’re responsive, they listen to my wants and needs. It was everything that I had envisioned in my own head right there on the computer screen.”

Clearly, the future of fuel distribution is here, and it’s fueled by FleetPanda. If you are ready to take the leap and revolutionize your operations, let’s talk!


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