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Zone Cleaning is the Key

Too often, convenience stores jam an automated mixing unit on the wall and figure store personnel have everything necessary to keep the store clean and safe. While these units help expedite the mixing process, the products they dispense are sometimes limited in scope. A seldom used policy in modern day cleaning is to divide the store into specific zones and fit them with the exact cleaning product needed. As important as a clean store is for business, the time available for cleaning is extremely limited. Zone Cleaning maximizes the use of this asset. Here are some examples of Zone cleaning in action:

Drink Machine Zone

This small, but heavy traffic area doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s a big money maker, but also a potential risk area. If fountain machine drains back up, soft drinks end up on the floor causing a slip and fall hazard. Use a product like

Apter Soda Machine Drain Cleaner to greatly reduce this potential disaster. Simply pour one of the 12-ounce bottles directly into the fountain machine drain once a month to prevent the coagulated syrup build up that causes overflow and odor. Frequently spiff the area up with a quick wipe, inspect the floor for moisture, and keep that drain free flowing.

Rest Room Zone

Nothing turns off a food purchaser like a foul-smelling rest room. Most convenience stores do a surprisingly good nightly cleaning job. Regardless, with their incredibly heavy use, it is necessary to do a quick rest room spiff up every hour or so. Rest rooms can be quickly rehabbed using the Apter 45 Second Spiff Up. Simply pick up the loose debris, wipe the sink and mirrors, and spray each sink, urinal, and toilet with a high-quality odor eliminator. Apter Gorilla Odor Killer is designed to immediately freshen the area and at the same time kill the odor causing bacteria at the source. Keep the Rest Room Zone functioning at a high level by devoting just a few minutes daily to this procedure.

Gas Island Zone

The gas island forecourt is the opening bell of store visits. If it’s dirty, fewer customers will enter the store. The Apter Gorilla Forecourt Cleaning Kit contains the products needed, key accessories, and simple instructions for getting the job done. Easy to follow procedures are detailed for both heavy duty cleaning and oil removal, as well as a quick pump and pavement rehab. A clean Gas Island Zone leads to increased store purchases.

Need Help?

These are only a few of the store zones that contribute to a clean, safe shopping environment. Contact us today for a Total Zone Cleaning Package.


Mckenzie Daugherty

Account Support Manager