Case Study: Fuel and Lubricant Hauling Firm Transforms Operations, Streamlines Fleet Management with Tivitri

Are you a fleet owner hauling fuel and lubricants in tankers and looking for a comprehensive, integrated solution for your operational needs? Then this story of one of Tivitri’s recent customers is just for you!

Company A, a prominent fuel and lubricants transportation company, was grappling with the logistical challenges of managing their fleet. Their operation was segmented across multiple vendors, their transportation management software wasn’t integrated, and their platforms lacked user-friendliness. To top it all, they were suffering from poor customer support, expensive hardware costs, and time-consuming installation processes.

Tired of these operational roadblocks, Company A sought a solution in Tivitri, an industry-leading provider of technology solutions for fleet management.

With Tivitri’s state-of-the-art system, Company A was able to consolidate their diverse technology needs into a single dashboard from a single manufacturer. The transformation was immediate, the impact profound. The streamlined operation, now easily manageable from a singular platform, contributed significantly to operational efficiency.

One standout feature for Company A was the enhanced customer support provided by Tivitri. Any issues or queries were promptly addressed, with calls being answered in less than a minute. This level of responsiveness enabled Company A to minimize downtime, boosting their overall operational effectiveness.

The transition through Tivitri’s solution was seamless for Company A’s team. The user-friendly interface made training quick and easy, saving the company valuable time and resources.

Perhaps the most significant cost savings came from the hardware. Tivitri provided free, reliable hardware with a lifetime warranty, a stark contrast to the previous expensive and unreliable equipment. Moreover, the installation process was remarkably straightforward and swift, causing minimal disruption to Company A’s ongoing operations.

“We decided to go with the new provider and partner with Tivitri for our new solution,” said the Director at Company A. “Because of Tivitri’s partnership, commitment to service, and customer relations, we are able to continue to be compliant as well as remain profitable/ sustainable and to exceed our customer’s needs.”

In the fuel and lubricant hauling industry, where time and efficiency are paramount, a partnership with Tivitri can deliver significant benefits. Find out how Tivitri can transform your fleet management operations at

Tivitri’s technology solutions don’t just address the challenges of today; they also equip businesses to navigate the future, one journey at a time. Be it reducing costs, enhancing efficiency, or providing exceptional customer support, Tivitri is a game-changer. And Tivitri’s Customer’s story is a testament to that fact.

Experience the Tivitri difference today and make your fleet operations more streamlined, efficient, and profitable.

Eric Jacobson

Strategic Account Executive (801) 857-1656