Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Better Fuel Marketer Technology

“What’s always worked” works great . . . until it doesn’t. In the fuel marketing industry, especially for companies that have been around for decades or even longer, keeping up with technology can be a bit overwhelming when systems involving paper and physical files have been the standard. Now is the time for fuel marketers to make the shift to digital systems and let technology help them gain a competitive edge.

Join us as Rohit Srivastav (Head of Marketing) and Soham Dhakal (CTO) at FleetPanda talk about how fuel marketers can use technology to lead the industry and outpace competition in 2024.

This webinar includes:

  •  Does the fuel marketing industry need software to exist? Absolutely not. But can it leverage tech to leap into the future, and design a much more efficient way of business? Absolutely yes.
  • We have all heard multiple times that using tech will reduce errors, overtime, paperwork and costs. But, what else?
  • What can technology do for Fuel Marketers in 2024?
  • How do you build a stack that makes you tech-proficient?
  • When does it make financial sense to adopt technology?

This complimentary webinar, co-sponsored by Study Groups and Below the Line Club, is designed for petroleum company Owners, Presidents, CFOs, Managers, and anyone interested in leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge. Jed Brewer moderates the call, which lasts approximately one hour.