How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the Tech Landscape for C-stores

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm recently and seems to have no end to potential applications for businesses. But how can it help your c-store? When and how should you implement this technology?

Join us as Fiona Harris, CEO at ROC Associates, talks about AI innovations that can help c-store owners improve their business practices and bottom lines.

This webinar includes:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning?
  • Why Now?
  • Types of Artificial Intelligence
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Text/Bot
  • Areas of Application and Use Cases
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Customer Service
    • Store Presentation
    • Operational Excellence
    • Loss Prevention and Security

This complimentary webinar, co-sponsored by Study Groups and Below the Line Club, is designed for C-store Owners, Presidents, CFOs, Managers, Operations and anyone interested in learning about how AI can help improve business. Jed Brewer moderates the call, which lasts approximately one hour. We invite you and/or members of your team to participate.