DFS: Fueling Efficiency for Fleets & Merchants


In the realm of trucking efficiency, Direct Fuel Sales (DFS) emerges as the epitome of seamless fuel payment solutions. Fleets can finally bid farewell to cumbersome plastic fuel cards, embracing DFS, the pinnacle of API-based, proprietary, closed-loop payment systems.

DFS is more than a payment method; it’s a strategic game-changer. Tailored for fleets, digital aggregators, driving apps, and merchants, DFS seamlessly integrates into existing systems, simplifying transactions and allowing businesses to channel their energy into core operations. Say goodbye to the complexities of multiple payment methods; DFS handles it all, ensuring a smooth, unified approach.

What sets DFS apart is its adaptability. With the largest names in freight tech already on board, DFS connects with over 300 merchants nationwide and continues to expand, welcoming 20-30 new locations each month. The standout feature? Its customizable interface, empowering businesses to tailor driver interactions and create a branded user experience, perfectly aligning with their identity.

But the benefits don’t stop there. DFS eliminates driver transaction fees, fostering significant cost savings for businesses. Paired with weekly settlements, enhancing cash flow, DFS provides a financially optimized solution. Add pre-established discounts into the mix, and DFS becomes an indispensable tool, elevating fuel payment processes and augmenting profitability.

For those venturing into digital transactions for the first time, DFS offers expert merchant consultants, ensuring a seamless transition into the realm of digital fuel payments. Even businesses unfamiliar with the process find tailored support, adapting and thriving under DFS’s guidance.

For Merchants, DFS grants access to the industry’s largest driver network. With a mere 2 cents per gallon transaction fee, alongside straightforward settlements and robust connections, DFS becomes your ultimate growth partner. Embrace DFS, expand market reach, augment sales, and leave customers thoroughly satisfied.

In a world where professionalism and innovation converge, Direct Fuel Sales (DFS) stands tall. Its seamless API, expanding networks, personalized experiences, and expert support redefine the fuel payment landscape. Join the ranks of satisfied fleets, digital aggregators, driving apps, and merchants who’ve embraced DFS. Navigate industry complexities with confidence, leveraging the efficiency and ease DFS brings to the table.


Johnny Howard

Account Executive