C-store Insider: Protecting Lottery Profits & Mastering Card Processing Fees

Internal lottery theft has long been a pain point for the convenience store industry. From cashiers pocketing tickets to managers making packs disappear, these thefts are both frequent and costly. On the point-of-sale side, credit card processing fees can take a significant chunk out of sales profits. Thankfully, there are solutions that will help you protect your profits and empower your business.

Join Mehdi Mahmoodi, Cofounder and COO at LottoShield, and KC Cook, President at Petroleum Information Exchange (PIX), as they discuss how automation can change the way you handle, track, and safeguard your lottery tickets, as well as three strategic steps for mastering credit card processing fees.

This webinar includes:

LottoShield: Automating Your Lottery Management Process

Learn how to:

  • Stop lottery theft and wasted hours
  • Eliminate manual labor associated with lottery management
  • Gain visibility and detect theft in real-time, rather than uncovering it months down the line

Note: If you’d like a free copy of LottoShield’s e-book Lottery Loss Prevention Guide, click the button above.

PIX: Mastering Card Processing Fees in Three Strategic Steps

  • Benchmark your fees: gain a competitive edge
  • How to offer your own white-label merchant services to win more gallons
  • Navigating legislation: an ally in reducing fees?

This complimentary webinar, co-sponsored by Study Groups and Below the Line Club, is designed for C-store Owners, C-level executives, Managers, and anyone interested in automating lottery management and mastering credit card processing fees. Jed Brewer moderates the call, which lasts approximately one hour. We invite you and/or members of your team to participate.