What can convenience stores learn from Leonardo Da Vinci?



Adhering to Leonardo da Vinci’s wisdom, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, we believe that the most effective operations are those unencumbered by unnecessary complexities. This includes excessive procedural steps, policy clutter, material distractions, and mundane tasks. 

In the realm of business operations, we should hold firm to the value of policies and procedures. However, we should advocate for a streamlined approach where less is more. The less time your team spends deciphering and executing complex procedures, the more they can focus on elements that truly matter – like nurturing the company culture, learning about the products and promotions, and strategies that enhance revenue and customer loyalty. 

To elevate operational efficiency, it’s crucial to continually ask, ‘Can this be eliminated or automated?’ This inquiry should span all aspects, from the smallest of details like clutter behind the register to larger-scale manual processes such as accounting and daily paperwork. By focusing on elimination and automation, we can create a more efficient, productive, and ultimately successful business environment. 

So, let’s ask ourselves: Can we eliminate or automate?”  

How the 54th largest convenience store chain streamlined operations. 

Recently H&S Energy, the 54th largest C-store chain in the USA with 165 stores, collaborated with LottoShield to streamline their lottery operations.  Fidaa Mohrez, their director of operations, used a stopwatch to measure the time savings offered by this new tool for the cashiers. It was this granular level of attention to detail that helped build their business case for adoption. They understood that saving a few minutes on a daily task had a compounding effect on the rest of the operations. 

H&S case study highlights: 

  • ROI: 15X+ 
  • Manager’s daily lottery paperwork fully automated 
  • Reconciliation of lottery inventory counts automated 
  • Time to theft detection shortened from weeks/months to 1-2 days 
  • Scratchers no longer a source of significant loss 

Are you ready to stop wasting precious hours and dollars on lottery management? Contact us for a complimentary risk assessment. 

Mehdi Mahmoodi

Co-founder and COO