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Everything we do these days seems to involve an app of some kind. Banking, ordering food or groceries, saying hi to the grandkids or grandparents, taking a plane or taxi, or maybe even finding love. Our smartphones and apps seemingly update and upgrade automatically, or messages of warning and alert bombard us until we agree to update. Our smartphones and devices do not let obsolescence creep in.  

Can we say the same for the apps that run our business? When was the last software and process audit? Some are constantly upgrading their tech. Others are still using spreadsheets from pre-internet days. Without the automatic updates or messages to alert us, it’s very possible that our business apps need some attention.  

Top 5 Reasons to Reevaluate Your Business Software 

  1. Growth. There are acquisitions and mergers. Your customer base and your team have grown. You have expanded your products and services. Your processes have become complex and disjointed. Your apps do one thing very well but don’t talk to other apps. Your entire business has gotten bigger, which is wonderful but has also exposed some of the areas for improvement.
  2. Repetition. Within your internal processes, there are lots of duplicated functions that involve communication with multiple systems, while touching the hands or screens of multiple teams. 
  3. Errors. Occasional mistakes take a long time to track down because of the incongruency of systems. A large portion of the day is filled with searching through rabbit holes of evidence leading to the next clue of why something went wrong yesterday. 
  4. Inadequate reports. You have reports, but it oftentimes requires downloading data to a spreadsheet and merging with other data to understand what is really going on. It takes significant effort to reach actionable insight. 
  5. Overdue. Your last software analysis was a while ago. Bypassing small improvements to just “do it like we did yesterday” for initial expedience causes substantial deficiencies down the road. We’ve all been there. We couldn’t let go of that phone that we loved, until the cooler features of the newer phones made them impossible to resist.

If two or more of these reasons speak to you, then it’s probably time to reevaluate your day-to-day software. Apps and data integrity are powerful drivers of your business acumen, which is what ultimately sets you apart.  There are upgrades available. Consider this is your alert message.  

At RowLogic, we strive to make technology transitions easier by creating apps that are intuitive to use and are easy to implement. We help your team become comfortable with a new process by offering customized training. We view ourselves as a partner with you in the process to create a new method, implement a new app, and fuel a happier team. Find out more about upgrading your apps and analytics at rowlogic.com.  


Johnny Bertucci