APTER INDUSTRIES: Spring Forward with a Comprehensive Cleaning Plan 

Be Ready for the Season Change 

Store Cleaning and Sanitation is an everyday every month necessity, but cleaning intensity definitely picks up when the sun bursts through the thick winter cloud cover and the flowers start to pop. Most of our customers have already started to implement the cleaning plan we developed with them to ensure consistently clean stores. As the pace picks up, here are a few tips to stay a lap ahead.  


Open Floor Pores 

Floors take an absolute beating during the winter season. It takes a monumental effort just to break even. Dealing with tracked in mud in warmer climates and snow, slush, and road salt in winter wonderlands requires tons of time. Spring climate moderation gives you a chance to catch up. Start by getting a labor-saving deep cleaning floor cleaner. We recommend Apter Tile Time because we manufacture it and know first-hand how it renovates floors. A nonbiased reason to use Tile Time is it blasts through road grime and food generated grease better than any product available anywhere. It leaves floors remarkably clean. It also creates a safe environment because it deep cleans and opens the pores in the floor. This slows the floor down and creates a low skid situation. 

Fast Forward with Forecourt Gas Island Grease and Grime Removal 

Once again, the starting point is safe, environmentally friendly products that work fast. Find a gas pad concrete oil remover that keeps the EPA happy and still works effectively while saving time and energy. Get a fuel dispenser cleaner that removes heavy stains and diesel without violating the gas pump manufacturer’s warranty. Acquire a Pump Shine Enhancer that improves the gas pump’s appearance and keeps it from resoiling. If you don’t want to go on a scavenger hunt, contact Apter Industries and let them send you their all-in-one solution, the Forecourt First Gas Island Cleaning Kit featuring the labor-saving Garage Gorilla Cleaners. 


Capture Spring’s Fresh Magic  

Your store is clean, now get rid of that “closed-in odor” feeling. Spray an air freshener that has a fabulous fragrance and kills odors at the source. Pay special attention to rest rooms, trash receptacles, drains, smoking areas, and any place where there is not significant air flow. Enzymatic Garage Gorilla Odor Killer is a perfect fit. 


Challenge Us  

We have seen just about every possible cleaning problem in our 50 plus years of helping convenience stores. Visit www.apterindustries.com or contact Jason Zimmer directly at jzimmer@apterindustries.com 


Jason Zimmer

Sales Representative