Why Removing The Gray From Your Processes Matters

Ensuring all of your customers experience and enjoy your product or service with 100% satisfaction every time means writing your processes so that no matter which employee is following them, the outcome meets your brand requirements every time. For example, “clean bathrooms” still leaves plenty of room for gray area. Let’s look at a process for cleaning the bathroom sinks, faucets, and counters that removes the gray. 

Hourly process to clean the men’s and women’s bathroom sinks, faucets, and counters:

  1. Wear latex cleaning gloves, changing gloves between the men’s and women’s bathrooms.
  2. Every hour, use 2 paper towels with approved cleaning spray to sanitize the bathroom counter and faucets.
  3. Spray the sink twice with approved cleaning spray, the counter space between the sinks twice, the faucet twice, and the counter space between the sinks and the wall once.
  4. Wet the paper towel, ensuring it is wet, but not dripping wet.
  5. Wipe the counter using the 2 paper towels to ensure every inch of the counter, sink, and faucets are thoroughly cleaned.
  6. Use 2 dry paper towels to wipe the counter and faucets dry.
  7. Check your work to ensure no spots were missed.

Removing the gray area in your processes will set all of your employees up for success. Removing the gray from your processes allows your customers to return with confidence in the experience they will enjoy while visiting your store. As obvious as you might think it is to tell your employees to make sure the bathrooms are clean every hour, some employees interpret how to do that differently. Which in turn means your customers have different experiences when they visit your store.

The Achieving World-Class Results class will help you design your processes so that all the gray area is removed, ensuring your customers experience the same product or service exactly the same with 100% satisfaction on every visit.

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