What Is a Vision?


A vision, quite simply, articulates what your business success will be at a certain time in the future. A vision is idealistic and can include how big the company will grow, how it will be perceived by the outside world, what it is famous for, and what it’s like to work there.

  • A great vision inspires. It gets the organization excited to come to work because people know they are contributing to something bigger than their individual roles and positions. It engages employees with a sense of purpose and achievement that surpasses a paycheck alone.
  • A great vision is strategically feasible. In other words, although your vision is idealistic and a stretch goal, it is one that your organization has a reasonable shot at achieving.
  • A great vision creates focus. A shared vision provides a starting point for decision making in all areas – operations, marketing, technology and finance. It also puts a stake in the ground to align resources around and to integrate the strategic opportunities that presentthemselves every day.