How Better Technology Can Help Fleet Managers and Diesel Merchants Succeed


Managing a fleet can feel a bit like herding cats: as soon as you think you’ve got them all lined up and marching along, one hops the fence, another slinks off to hunt mice, and several decide to curl up for a nap. There are so many factors in managing a fleet, from tracking equipment, to ensuring safety protocols are met, to improving efficiency and saving costs. And for diesel merchants, keeping those fleets fueled while maximizing profit and minimizing per-gallon fuel card fees can seem like an uphill battle. Thankfully, there are cutting-edge technologies that can help transform your fleet into a well-oiled machine, and fuel payment services bringing cost relief to diesel merchants. 

Join Eric Jacobson, CRO at Tivitri & John Curvey, Partner Account Manager at Samsara, along with Johnny Howard, Account Executive at Direct Fuel Sales, as they discuss technology that can improve fleet operation management and help diesel merchants compete with digital payments today and in the future.

This webinar includes:

Tivitri & Samsara: How can connecting your operations allow you to do more?

  1. Does managing all your fleet technology vendors feel like herding cats?
  2. What can you do to lower fuel costs, boost efficiency, and track equipment?
  3. Learn how Tivitri and Samsara are making companies safer using Artificial Intelligence

Direct Fuel Sales: How to compete in the diesel industry today and tomorrow

  1. State of the fuel payments industry and how we got here
  2. The advantages of increasing growth using digital payments
  3. How to stay up to date and move forward with a company you can trust in a changing economy

This complimentary webinar, co-sponsored by Study Groups and Below the Line Club, is designed for petroleum industry Owners, Presidents, CFOs, Operations Managers, and anyone interested in how technology can improve fleet operations. Jed Brewer moderates the call, which will last approximately one hour.