Saving Time, Money, and Lives


Consider this:

  • The US health insurance system is the most complicated consumer industry in the world.
  • The US health insurance system is the highest cost in the world.
  • The US healthcare system fails to deliver good value for the money spent.

With a benefit marketplace riddled with cost and complexity, how can a company determine how best to spend it’s healthcare dollars? To address this, Holmes Murphy has been working to develop a customer-centric healthcare solution that takes the stress, confusion, and uncertainty out of buying health insurance.

In response, we’ve developed an innovative solution called Benportal (short for benefits portal) that allows companies to shop for healthcare in a way that protects them from excess costs and avoids a rapid rise in premium each year. Benportal brings fairness back to buying health insurance for your employees, allowing you to shop in one place for health insurance, facilitate enrollment, and manage the benefits program whether it be a fully insured plan, a level funded plan, or a captive solution. 

You have the opportunity to get a quote at no obligation. To receive a comparison illustrating the best options and rates available for your company, go to and follow the directions of the guided website.

Holmes Murphy, in conjunction with Study Groups, is dedicated to delivering custom solutions for you.

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