Operations Excellence: How to make more money from what you are already doing


Marketing brings customers the first time; operations brings them back.

The most important thing your business can do is consistently delight your customers to ensure they will frequently return and proactively give positive recommendations. Would you be interested in learning a path that would enable you to more consistently delight your customers by improving your business operations? Business operations you are already paying for?

The McClaskey® Triple 100® Path to Excellence, taught by the McClaskey Excellence Institute, is a proven path that will take you from ordinary operations to extraordinary operations. The McClaskey Excellence Institute has worked with thousands of leaders of almost every type of business enabling them to carry out all or parts of this path. Some results that customers of the McClaskey Excellence Institute have experienced include:

  • Quick Service Restaurant: Achieved 400 percent more repeat business; 4 times faster drive thru times; 10 times more accurate output; an industry benchmark in hospitality; and experience only half the turnover compared to its national competitors
  • Fast Casual Franchisee: the 4 stores of the franchisee we worked with has 300 percent more revenue than the average revenue of all the other 30 stores in the brand
  • Fine Dining Brand: Reduced overhead by 1 million dollars per year, improved their revenue, and reduced turnover 50% over 4 years
  • Electric Utility: Substantially reduced their complaints and customer service questions

The purpose of the McClaskey® Triple 100® Path to Excellence is to help your business get to extraordinary levels of operations excellence. Extraordinary levels of operations excellence enable you to deliver your products and services to your brand standard, at or near every time. We do this by changing only small targeted parts of your operation. And these changes are more enhancements to what you are currently doing. This enables you to make more money with less hassle with the minimum amount of change. This is one of the less risky, least expensive ways to give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

Interested in learning how you can take the next step toward having extraordinary levels of operations excellence and all the benefits that come with that? How to make more money with less hassle?

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  • Define operations excellence in black-and-white terms
  • Show the economic benefit of operating at an extraordinary level versus an ordinary level
  • Overview a proven path that will take you from ordinary to extraordinary operations

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David McClaskey, President and Founder of McClaskey Excellence Institute (www.mcclaskeyexcellence.com) has worked with thousands of leaders across all types of business for almost 50 years helping to operate business at extraordinary levels. McClaskey has also lead 7 companies win 8 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards, the nation’s highest honor for performance excellence.

David McClaskey

President and Founder of McClaskey Excellence Institute