Fuel Marketer Tips: Protect Your Balance Sheet & Streamline Fleet Fuel Payments

As a fuel marketer, you already know about the importance of protecting your valuable assets; what you might not know is all the insurance options available, tailored specifically for your industry. And whether you’re a fuel merchant dealing with high transaction fees or you’ve got a fleet to fuel and face the constant headache of multiple payment platforms and interfaces, there’s a solution that offers financial optimization and seamless payment collaboration.

Join us as Cory Watson (VP of Trade Credit and Business Insurance) and Jeremy Sandusky (Partner, MMA Southwest) at Marsh McLennan Agency, along with Johnny Howard (VP – Operations) at Direct Fuel Sales, talk about insurance options to protect your balance sheet and a fuel payment platform that benefits merchants and fleets with financial optimization and operational efficiency. 

This webinar includes: 

Marsh McLennan Agency: Insurance to Protect Your Balance Sheet   

  • How to protect your bottom line with Trade Credit
  • Is Microbonding a good solution for your business?
  • You have more options than you might think for Pollution, Auto and Property insurance

Direct Fuel Sales: Fueling Success – Unlocking Synergies in the DFS Ecosystem

  • Defining the “DFS Ecosystem” – how a unified payment platform can create seamless collaboration for merchants, fleets and aggregators
  • How your fleet can benefit from a customizable Application Programming Interface (API) for fuel payments
  • How DFS can ensure financial optimization for merchants and their fleet partners, and provide growth opportunities through their vast driver network

This complimentary webinar, co-sponsored by Study Groups and Below the Line Club, is designed for petroleum company Owners, Presidents, CFOs, Managers, and anyone interested in options for insurance and a payment platform tailored for fuel marketers. Jed Brewer moderates the call, which lasts approximately one hour.