Keeping customers happy is the name of the game. It’s what keeps a business, well, in business. Providing services and products to customers reflects that famous quote about the duck: remain calm on the surface and paddle like the dickens underneath.

Many petroleum distributors have “keep full” accounts or agreements with customers to maintain a certain level of product at all times. To the customer, it just works. To the supplier, it’s paddling like the dickens to keep the customer happy and keep product levels maintained.

There are lots of moving parts in the entire process: tank monitoring, order creation, scheduling, dispatch, and delivery. Those parts of the process often are performed by different teams using different tools. Automating as much as possible certainly helps, but the key is to have each part of the process communicating with the
others. Employing collaborative technology is essential; harmonious tools and apps can help the paddling underneath to be smoother.

DeliveryWorks and iTank are examples of an integrated solution that provides collaborative data sharing which helps your team deliver great service to your customers. iTank wirelessly provides inventory level data and predictive usage analytics. The order can be automatically created in your accounting system, which automatically flow into DeliveryWorks, where your dispatch and delivery team fulfills the order for the customer. Lots of moving parts, but all communicating with one another, so that the effort is optimized, your team is informed, and the customer remains happy. The duck remains calm on the surface and allows technology to paddle like the dickens.

DeliveryWorks is a dispatch and delivery web app with a mobile app companion developed by RowLogic. iTank monitoring solution provides inventory level data and is provided by Anova. For more information, contact

John Montelepre at or 985-626-7382.