Educational Articles


The Below the Line Club Suppliers periodically write educational articles relevant to the petroleum distribution and convenience store industries.  Below are some of those articles.

How Will We Define the New Normal of Foodservice?

Designated as “essential businesses” to remain open during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine, convenience stores are on the front lines. The pandemic has caused countless changes in the way food is purchased and sold, creating significant impacts on the fresh food industry.

Keeping Your Corporate Veil Strong

Many of our clients in the fuel distribution business operate as part of a larger, integrated group of distinct businesses. For example, the overall group of companies may include a fuel distribution business, a retail gas and convenience store, trucking, home heating oil or propane business. Often, these clients find it beneficial, for a number of reasons, to organize each business within its own legal entity, with the group of businesses typically connected through common ownership and control and several key contractual arrangements.

When Did House Accounts Get Such Bad Rap?

Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot from our clients about house accounts. Many are processing their transactions manually either due to POS or price book restrictions or lack of a better process. Clients speak about how time consuming and labor intensive the process is…

Regulation Best Interest (“Reg BI”): Who is this Good For?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (“Commission”) on June 5, 2019, adopted Regulation Best Interest (“Reg BI”), the centerpiece of its four-part regulatory revision that will impact the way broker- dealers (“BDs”) and registered investment advisers (“RIAs”) conduct business with “retail” investors (meaning you, me, Aunt Betsy and Uncle Charlie, and others we care about.)

Reduce Employee Turnover

Statistically, there is 100% turnover within the hourly workforce across all industries. In some cases it can be as high as 400%.