Supplier WEbinars


Education is a cornerstone of the Below the Line Club.  Our suppliers conduct educational webinars relevant to petroleum marketers throughout the year.  Below are recordings of some recent educational presentations.

M & A Trends

The pace of consolidation within the petroleum marketing, lubricants distribution, and convenience retail industries continues to be brisk. Many firms are trying to plan growth strategies in this time of structural change and some are evaluating if the time is right to exit. Knowledge is power when making important decisions.

Buy and Deliver Better

You are the survivors in a consolidating market. The larger national petroleum marketers are pushing the envelope, though, getting more efficient in both their delivery model and procurement practices. We all need to continue to innovate to keep up and stay relevant in this competitive industry.

Foodservice: The Now and The Future

It is not easy to have a profitable foodservice offering. Thin margins, low barriers to entry, rising costs, and increasing competition make for a cutthroat business. Not only do you need to be profitable today, you need to keep an eye on how the ever-changing future of foodservice. This webinar looks at how to effectively and efficiently manage foodservice today as well as the trends in foodservice and how technology is transforming the future.

Don’t Be Out Convenienced / Home Delivery & Digital Search Trends

Covenience is the core value proposition we offer our customers, yet technology is transforming the type of convenience our customers demand. This webinar will discuss two big trends we need to be aware of to avoid being “out-convenienced” by existing and new competitors. One, how do we better capture people who want our products but aren’t coming to our stores? Two, how do we better capture people who are journeying near our stores?

Recruiting Rock Stars!

People are the lifeblood of an organization; however, attracting top-level talent to your organization is difficult with the national unemployment rate near record lows. In our last webinar we focused on ways to attract hourly workers. This time we will focus on the processes firms need to employ to attract quality salaried workers.

Tackling Turnover

How do you attract and retain top talent?
Life happens between pay periods
This is a movement gaining steam and will be mainstream within the next 18 to 24-months.

Saving Your Bacon Credit

Selling products and services is one thing. Getting paid is another. In our industry, with small margins as a percent of sales, a few bad customers can inflict substantial pain on your firm. It is critical for us to have top-rate credit and collection processes to ensure long-term success. Join us as two credit and collections experts–Ann Pitts, owner of The Pitts Group, and Cory Watson, co-owner of Leykell Insurance–discuss best practices for high-performing credit departments.

Limiting Personal Risk

Many well-meaning business owners and firms create programs or plans for the benefit of their employees or other stakeholders. Profit-sharing plans and 401k plans are examples. Yet in doing so, business owners often unwittingly open themselves to personal risk. Did you know, for instance, that in a 401k plan, the plan sponsor/firm owner can be personally held liable for failing to fulfill your fiduciary duty? Did you know you owe fiduciary duty to your employees? Do you even know what that fiduciary duty is?