Supplier WEbinars


Education is a cornerstone of the Below the Line Club.  Our suppliers conduct educational webinars relevant to petroleum marketers throughout the year.  Below are recordings of some recent educational presentations.

C-Stores and the New Normal Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on every aspect of business. Now that the initial adjustments have been made, what does it mean to stay on top as a convenience store operator and leverage technology to master the new normal? Join us for a conversation about how to stay on the front end of the ever-changing curve.

Modifying the Convenience Retail Model In the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has quickly changed the way convenience retailers practice business. Protective plexi-glass screens, appreciation/hazard pay, gloves, masks, curbside delivery, and social distancing are just some examples. Are actions such as these temporary modifications to our business model or are they here to stay?

Credit and Collections During COVID-19

Many petroleum marketer customers are under economic distress due to COVID-19. You may still be delivering product to your dealers and commercial and industrial customers, but will you get paid? Join us as we discuss how the economic recession sparked by COVID-19 is affecting credit and collections for petroleum marketers.

COVID-19: Weathering The Storm

Over one-third of Americans are under shelter-in-place orders. Unemployment claims have reached historic levels. The Fed has reduced short-term interest rates to zero and injected billions of dollars into the banking system. Congress is working on a $2 trillion dollar stimulus package.

COVID-19: How Do I Prepare?

The spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is picking up steam. Markets have fallen, travel is being restricted, schools are closing in some areas, and public anxiety is rising. At the same time, our firms play a critical role in our nation’s infrastructure and economic health. Many of us are scrambling to decide how best to respond to this new threat. Join us as a panel discusses some of the things we need to know.

M & A Trends

The pace of consolidation within the petroleum marketing, lubricants distribution, and convenience retail industries continues to be brisk. Many firms are trying to plan growth strategies in this time of structural change and some are evaluating if the time is right to exit. Knowledge is power when making important decisions.

Buy and Deliver Better

You are the survivors in a consolidating market. The larger national petroleum marketers are pushing the envelope, though, getting more efficient in both their delivery model and procurement practices. We all need to continue to innovate to keep up and stay relevant in this competitive industry.